Monday, September 19


  • Prof decided to hold a make-up class in her office at the UST Publishing House. First time it happened, it was Quezon City Day and therefore a holiday, so we held class in Manila. Genius.
  • The UST campus is like an oasis in the middle of Manila. But perhaps as testament to its strong Catholic leaning, there are so many, many, many people inside. So many students in uniforms. So many lithe bodies running around in skimpy shorts. Which brings me to:
  • "Do you miss youth?" I asked Alan, who didn't miss a beat and quickly said, "All the time." We laughed so hard we nearly tumbled over to the grassy area in front of the huge arch. It was so weird being in UST. For one:
  • UP Pep won its fourth title in five years. As someone who lived through the fun, fun era of the UP-UST rivalry of the early 2000's, I used to shudder at the thought of stepping in that school. Many years, one Thomasian ex, and a college degree later, I'd like to think I have outgrown silly school stuff.
  • Wahhh! UP won and UST was out of the top three again. Happy quadricentennial, UST!
  • For the fifth straight year, I'm doing the cheerdance article for Kule. Three years after I graduated. Yes. Once or twice, I handed in columns or the occasional article for the severely undermanned kultura peeps, but I wonder how long I will want to write about people lifting each other to form scorpions, scales, pyramids, or similar. Which reminds me:
  • Prof asked, out of nowhere, if I was with the Collegian. "Are you a journalist now?" she said. "No, maam. Just PR and corporate shit." "It's OK. We all have our day jobs."
  • Chanced upon the Emmy's earlier. One winner was a nice, fat lady from Justified. She could barely negotiate the stairs to the stage and had to be helped by the presenters. With the biggest smile, she gushed, "Sometimes, some things just take time." I bawled over my bowl of goto. Bawled.

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  1. "Sometimes, some things just take time." > Wait, let me just talk to my impatient self. *after one minute* She just threw a tantrum.
    o_O :*