Sunday, September 11


An exchange with The One with the Russian Name*:

Him: I'm gaining weight.
Me: Good.
Him: Not comparable to how you define gaining weight based on your ability to gain waight, pero i am gaining weigh.
Me: Hey no need to be catty. Hehe.
Him: Miss you. Haha.
Me: Hehe. I'm writing a poem sequence about my ex's for a class.
Him: Dissing the ex's. Hmm.
Me: On the contrary; celebrating them.
Him: You knonw every relationship teaches you. at the end you become perfect for the one you were really meant for.
Me: I agree.

*Supposing hell freezes over and I actually muster the nerve to post the poems somewhere, this is him.


  1. Tumpak ung huling sinabi niya.
    Hi Glenny :p

  2. Hello, Russian! Finally "met" you. Glenn writes bad-ass-in-a-perfect-way poems. He's a keeper. :3