Tuesday, April 16


I was taking my early morning walk* today amid piles of unearthed ... earth cordoned off by useless sagging yellow tapes, and newly bathed people off to work,** and vegetable and Yakult carts, when the sense of - brr, home - got me thinking about the upcoming trips I have/want to make. I've gotten my official dates and plane tickets for the India residency in November (and succeeding one-month trip around the subcontinent with P), and next week is Kritika workshop in Bacolod, after which will go around Visayas (hopefully including Igbaras in Iloilo, site of much-documented water torture by American soldiers in the early 1900s).

If I take a step back, these things delight me. That matters, because I always pendulum between kicking myself for slacking off and comforting myself that I have time, for whatever it is that I need to be doing. There is always anxiety in this department. Tangentially connected to this is the realization that I hate change, which leads me to:

Two nights ago, I finally visited the days-old firstborn of a couple of friends from college.*** Hours earlier, I was showering when I remembered how I met them. The girl was present during my section interview for Kule, to which the boy applied around a year later. I will be very vague and trite and say that I have been with this couple through thick and thin**** and saw them through every critical prism. Seeing them with the baby was a douse of cold water, despite the nine-month preview and verbal agreement to bring the girl to the hospital in case she went into labor while the boy was away.

The world, I felt, took an extra revolution. But no matter. We trudge on. If remember anything from EDFD 116, it is that adjustment is foremost sign of maturity. Also, ballooning waistline and sudden, inexplicable liking to ube.

*fuma-flaneur -- to the bank for some errands
**also realized, yikes, been unemployed for two and a half years now, kind of missing the I'm-important vibe of working people
***C and I were ninong at the wedding last year so I am doctrinally mandated to go
****I was all but 130 lbs when I joined Kule, now I weigh... more