Saturday, January 14


On Monday, a deadline I had anticipated and for which I actually prepared will elapse. I am kicking myself for missing it. And saying sorry. Over and over. In earnest. Such had been an ongoing lesson: what to do with things that are abandoned halfway, and how does the self deal. Especially considering that such have, maybe unfortunately, become lampposts / buoys / paperweights in one's currently floating, centerless state. That said, is true what they say about doors closing and windows unbolting ajar, as something scheduled for Monday that can potentially be good. Not a good start for 2012, Glenn. Please temper your optimism, as is usually most ideal.


  1. Good thing, then, that even though 2011 didn't start very well, we've barely just begun 2012. :) It's going to be good year.

  2. Meant to write 2012. Wonder what that mistake means. Thanks, T.