Thursday, April 5


If my computations are correct, in the next eight months prior to thesis sem (pegged at the second of AY 2012-13, fingers crossed), I will need to write approximately 133.33 words a day in order to have a decent draft by the beginning of the sem. Now not to be mayabang, but that is as doable as prostitutes during payday. Used to write (1) eight 300-word articles about Grey's Anatomy and other TV shows everyday, (2) enough content to fill 6 lifestyle pages every week, and (3) 40-page paper for school every end of sem, so, really, ought to be a piece of cake.

Only nigger in the woodpile is (1) not sure if concept/theme will fly; (2) there will surely be days and weeks when will be in no mood to write, such as now, or; (3) days when will not be able to write owing to other required writing, whether professionally or extra-curricularly; and, last but perhaps most important, (4) not sure if want to finish MA at all.

Maybe will explain last item. During last year's (belated) kabibohan spurt, have gotten in touch with some people for help re: grad school applications abroad. Somehow gotten the impression that (1) it is helpful to "shore up" own sense of "intention and voice" first before jumping into the "often narcistically brutal" arena of MFA programs in the US lest you "capitulate to the political pressure and institutional style" of a program, and (2) finishing your MA here might actually jeopardize your chances.

Will admit that the desire to finish MA is, well, largely, to see it finished. Like an item on a tick box or a bucket list (note to self: your reason for submitting to Free Press, etc, and applying to Silliman, etc, used to be similar, but if last few weeks' mad dash for deadlines was any indication, you've clearly gone overboard with this canon-canon aspirations, G. Insatiable comes to mind). Always, always praying for guidance in this regard. That, or sobering morning conversations in the middle of Los BaƱos wilderness.

Good morning, Christian! (Photo by Alaysa E.)

I always need to be reminded why I do this, why it has to be done, and done well. And so, no number of words please; just stories.

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